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 Commentaries and quotes about Facio:

 “…  Facio brings some smouldering continental heat to North London …”
The Times (North London, UK), 2015
“… a very spanish way of guitar (…) a very eclectic style …”
Steve Gilmore, Camden Radio (London, UK), 2015
“(…) unmistakable guitar-accordion-melodies (..).
Korfu Radio about Facio’s song “Agapi Mou – from London to Corfu), (CorfU, Greece), 2016
“(…) summerhit (…) afrocuban rythms for dancing and partying (…).”
20 Minuten about Facio’s 2016 single “pulpo’, (Basel Switzerland), 2016
Sound of the summer
The Archer (London, UK), 2015
“‘Kalimera Maria’ is a song like a beautiful Love movie with mediterranean Charme.
Music Tip in the women’s magazine ‘Laura’ (Germany), 2015
Die WELT (Germany), 2012
„ (…) guitar music that took the listeners on trips to the Mediterranean (…)“
Kieler Nachrichten (Germany), 2018
Phantastic, Beautiful, I feel like I’m in Greece on Corfu
Mollie King on Balcony TV about Facio’s Song “Kalimera Maria”.
Balcony TV Chart Rank: 1st (Chamonix) and 7th (Overall)
(Chamonix, France) 2015
… My son Can’t Stop singing this chorus (…) I love this kind of latin rythm (…)
Facio is a cosmopolitan  …“

Radio One London – ABout Facio’S Song “Strada do sul” (LONDON, UK), 2015
“…  music you listen to and immediately plunge into another world (…)
My summer song 2015 is “Kalimera Maria” from Facio’s latest EP ‘If I was a Sailor’ …”
Maria Tsoukis, Korfu Radio, (CorfU, Greece), 2015
Griechenland Zeitung about Facio’s Song “Kalimera Maria” (Athens, Greece), 2015
(…) catchy melodies and summergrooves (…)“
Hamburger Abendblatt (Hamburg, Germany), 2017
“… (Facio is a) Musical Globetrotter …”
Tages-Anzeiger ZÜrich (Zurich, Switzerland), 2013
“…an amazing and catchy voice! Facio makes people dance and dream…”
Paris Tsoulfas on London greek radio 103.3 fm (London, UK), 2015
Shannon Hermes
Manager Charles Dickens Museum (London, UK), 2015
Reggae, latin and world music (…)
Event tip on Radio ‚NDR Kultur‘, Norddeutscher Rundfunk
(Hamburg, Germany), 2017
“(…) Facio has invented a vibrant and eclectic sound taken from a huge mixture of genres.”
Suzanne Collier, Journalist (UK), 2013
(…) really sweet (…) really beautiful (…)
Sarah veena Perincioli, Sound graphic productions, about Facio‘s song ‚Kalimera Maria‘ (Switzerland), 2017
(…) summery sounding songs (…)”
Dominik Vorhölter
Die Oberbadische / “Spunk”-Magazin,, (Lörrach, Germany), 2016
Music Tip: Facio – Mediterranean Sounds to dream and dance”
Radio Kreta (Crete, Greece), 2015
(…) the idea of esperanto (…)
Radio Lohro about Facio’s Lyrics, Live-Interview (Rostock, Germany), 2017
(..) Singer Facio presents his new song (‘Pulpo’) (…)
Telebasel (TV, Basel, Switzerland), 2016
(…) top-class (…)” (Timmendorfer Strand, Germany), 2017
“The best music always conjures up stories. (Facio’s guitar piece) ‘La Perla’ sounds like the end of a romantic film where the lovers reunite after facing struggles and separation and finally find peace on some beautiful empty white beach. Calm and harmony after the storm. Music to feed the soul and imagination!”
Catherine Tomic, Editor, UK, 2015
„(…) charming Summerhit ‚Kalimera Maria‘ (…)“
Thurgauer Anzeiger (Switzerland), 2017
“Facio’s music is like a breath of fresh air and automatically makes you feel like it’s summer no matter how cold it is outside. not only is he a fantastic musician and songwriter, he is a genuine ‘good guy’, i guess that’s why his music always puts a big smile on my face.”
Oliver Sean (MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee, GRAMMY AWARDS JURy, W.O.A. Entertainment Group), 2015
Corfu-Summerhit 2015 – about Facio’s Song “Kalimera Maria” (Greece / Germany), 2015
“… The ‘Oliver Sean xmas After Party’ (…) will see international German act Facio featuring Pulpo opening for the Portuguese singer …”
The Portugal News (Portugal), 2013