“Pulpo” – more than a summersong!

Pulpo: a new song, a new cocktail & a new bistro!

Facio’s fresh and sunny acoustic song is available on iTunes, Amazon etc. from September 2016.

Facio originally wrote “Pulpo” as a children’s song for his little niece and nephew. Years later he recorded the song on a hot summer day 2016 in Basel (Switzerland)  very much inspired by a new beautiful and cosy Basel Bistro on the banks of the river Rhine, which is also called “Pulpo“. Facio presented his song there on the Swiss National Holiday.

Picture: Eva Matt (who runs the Pulpo Bistro in Basel) & Facio.

For the Zurich live-premiere of Facio’sPulpo” single on the 1st of September 2016 cocktailero & barkeeper Brian Medeiros (Montblack Cocktail Bar, Zurich, Switzerland) especially created a new summer cocktail called “Don Pulpo“. It tastes delicious with a strong “Kraken” rum- and blackberry flavor. Make sure to grap one when you come to Zurich!  Here you can watch Brian mixing a “Don Pulpo“: